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How can I get an online shop in a quick and efficient way?

What is the best way to have a large catalogue of diversified products, well organized and with daily updates without spending unnecessary time?

What can I do to internationalize an online selling business?

Through the module RITA - Real-time Integration Transfer Assistant it is possible to obtain simple and fast solutions to this and other questions that are a real obstacle for those who want to begin an online selling business of lingerie and adult products, or even for those who already have their online business, but want to diversify their offer and optimize their catalogue products.


The module RITA is an informatic platform developed for Prestashop exclusively developed for J’MAIME clients. Through this you can:

jmaime module

Upload all the categories, sizes, brands and manufacturers, as well as category images and brand logotypes for your online shop

jmaime module

Upload, to your online shop, all of the 3000 products with the respective category associations, sizes, descriptions on different languages*, references, prices, weight, stock, images, etc.

jmaime module

Keeping all the upload information actualized. It will be actualized, live, on your online shop every single actualization that occurs on J’MAIME online shop:

  • Any kind of changing on the price, images, descriptions, etc. will be done automatically on your online shop;
  • All the new products will automatically be uploaded to you online shop every day;
  • In case you don’t want some kind of actualization, the platform allows to choose the products not to be actualized, that means, in case you actualize a product description, image, etc., for example, it will be enough to indicate on the module that you don’t allow further actualizations.

The acquisition of the module RITA includes:

  • Installation and configuration of the module;
  • Initial Upload supervised by our team;
  • Free actualizations during the contract period.

*Note: you can choose a multilingual version, which means that the information will be available in 4 languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French and English, as it happens on J’MAIME online shop. 

In case you want a monolingual module, you will be able to choose just one of the mentioned languages.

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